Fisherwick Presbyterian Church Belfast

Dr. Wilfred Abia and Mother Mona Fraser of Fisherwick

The Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast, is one of IHAF's present sponsors.

In February 2019, Wilfred moved to Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK, as a postdoctoral research assistant at the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) situated in the department of biological sciences, Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences of Queen's University Belfast (QUB). Upon arrival, Wilfred located the Fisherwick Presbyterian Church and considering his presbyterian faith in Presbyterian Church Cameroon (PCC). During his stay in Belfast, he joined membership of Fisherwick and became a member of the choir, engage team and the manhandle small group.

He found his mother, his Jesus police called Mona Fraser. Mother Mona guided Wilfred and mentored him together with Wilfred's Fisherwick elder (Peter Little) and his choir and small group members and friends in the church. Wilfred describes Fisherwick as Living Water and the place of true love.

Fisherwick after careful understanding of Wilfred's passion for welfare for all, and as nicely presented and defended by Mother Mona, considered to sponsor Wilfred's foundation for three years with a thousand pounds annually.

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Dr. Abia in choir mode

IHAF Briefing to Fisherwick_05.09.2021 (1).pdf

IHAF briefing to Fisherwick

Appreciation of Fisherwick Presbyterian Church Belfast for Sponsorship to IHAF

The Fisherwick Presbyterian Church Belfast made a magnanimous annual support of GBP1,000.00 to last for 3 years (2020, 2021 and 2022, disbursed every September accordingly) to the Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF) Cameroon. The 2020’s GBP1,000.00 sponsorship, was accompanied by immeasurable material assistance (dresses, shoes etc) offered by Fisherwick’s Mother Mona Fraser-and-Co and shipped to Cameroon by the Fisherwick’s Manhandle group. Money and material assistance were well received.

Thank you Fisherwick, God bless you and may God replenish your resources.

Support to Ngwo Community’s Bible translation project led by CAPTAL Cameroon.

IHAF, being a developer for Christ through support to Kingdom works and evangelization activities, took the opportunity to praise God for Fisherwick by providing sponsorship to Ngwo village towards translation of the Bible from English language into Ngwaw (Ngwo dialect). This Assistance was made directly through the Ngwo Cultural and Development Association (NCUDA) to the CAPTAL Cameroon Ngwo Bible Translation Project. Click here for more

Transformation of a less privileged youth into a registered Entrepreneur

On an annual basis, the IHAF provide need-based scholarship to less privileged children, students/youths. Additionally, the IHAF offer self-reliant education and training to students/youths via Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF), Cameroon

IHAF’s Institute for Management and Professional Training (IMPT), Cameroon. With the support from Fisherwick, IHAF took a giant step in October 2020 to finalise one of its graduates to be a valuable resource. Specifically, IHAF took full responsibility to register a Food Processing and Technology Firm for Mr Nrinui F. Miteran – a gentleman who benefited from the need-based scholarship and expressed extensive passion to assist others by creating self-reliant initiatives. The firm is named ACTIFOODS.

Here is a letter from ACTIFOODS to Fisherwick.

Sponsorship to less privileged students in Cameroon

Since 2011, IHAF has continued sponsoring need-based students at all levels of education and vocational training. Herewith attached is a video of appreciation to Fisherwick delivered by one beneficiary.

Assistance to an IDP home/Centre in Yaoundé.

In December 2020, after a nice sharing of the word of God, led by the Caregiver (Sister Marie), IHAF blessed the IDP home/centre (constituted of 16+ children and 3+ women who lost their husbands during the ongoing crisis in the NW/SW of Cameroon) with materials (dresses, food items, etc) and financial support.

Nine months later, IHAF had a brief interview with the Caregiver who expressed satisfaction and sincere appreciation to IHAF and Fisherwick for the kind gestures. Here is a detailed report.

Assistance to the Dan and Sarah Orphanage in Soa, Yaoundé Cameroon.

IHAF made her third spectacular visit to the Dan and Sarah orphanage in December 2020. During this visit, we shared the Word of God, growth agenda for the children, and provided material (dresses, food items, detergents, etc) aid to the foundation. Additionally, we did some house chores, and provided educational support-services to the kids at the orphanage.