Integrated Health for All Foundation

…help people help them-selvestowards “…….good health for all”


In some parts of Cameroon, like any other developing country, communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases remains a major public health concern with pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, their unborn babies, and the children being the most vulnerable (e.g., childhood malnutrition) particularly amongst the under-educated class in local communities. Despite the good efforts of the government and other proactive groups, the observed and reported rate of illiteracy / ignorance, malnutrition and infections seems to be on a rise. As a result, it is not uncommon that one in every five children in local communities suffers from combined illiteracy, malnutrition and variety of infections with probable synergistic effects. These disorders are responsible for the high motility and mortality rates and stands as undeniable impediments to good health and sustainable development of our beloved Father-land. It is therefore obvious not only to find out whether such communities, families and individuals are conscious of the influence of their level of education, diets, environment and lifestyle on their health and welfare, but to work with the communities to enable them identify and prioritise their own needs; identify and exploit their own available resources; as well as assisting them employ assistance from outside the community to boast up already available or existing indigenous resources and community’s determination to improve living situation of the people.....helping-communities-help-themselves.......

Our Mission

The mission of the IHAF is " promote good health and welfare for all amongst the and disadvantaged communities - depending solely on subsistence agriculture - with overcrowded households amongst whom are young children, pregnant/breast- feeding women, orphans and adolescent girls and youths through education, improved nutrition and healthcare”.

Our Vision

  • Local communities have very reduced rates of illiteracy/ignorance, malnutrition, infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria…), and have capacity to harness available resources to increase income, food security, access to clean water, health facilities and target them to the most vulnerable.

  • Young children, pregnant/breast feeding women, orphans and adolescent girls in local communities have improved capacities capable of understanding and addressing their nutrition and health problems, and enjoy equal access to nutrition and health education/services/facilities.

Our Goal

The goal of IHAF is to "promote good health and welfare” for all by helping people help themselves through more effective and proper information, education and communication to prevent and/or control (P&C) peoples current unfavourable living conditions"