Dr. David Jiravat, Ex. Director of Science for Change (SFC), Canada visiting IHAF in Yaounde for partnership. Reception at Dr Abia’s (CEO, IHAF) redidence

Mr Jato right on health effects of some commonly abused substances

Opening ceremony with Mr Jato

Dr Kaouru Kawada from the AJF-JFP-HIV, Japan at IHAF HQ Office, Yaounde for partnership

Mrs Claire Fonkeng, President of CAMESDO

PMLIP Graduation - 43rd Batch 1

Denis with some course mates after field work

Denis and Course Organizers from IEG, WB

Denis sharing IHAF experience in the hall

Mr Fajong Joseph, chief of English desk at Ariane television
(Ariane TV) Yaounde and Mr Ngasu Batek from Elysian Airlines, Douala- Cameroon. Participants with certificates at end of course