"...... all is about good health"

Program 4: Community Alliance for Health and welfare for all (Aim: To promote overall good health and welfare for all through increasing the access to health care services).

Health care at IHAF is through personal hygiene, community sanitation, disease management and other health care related issues.

Expected results:

Improved Health for all


The Health care program was founded in January 2006 with the purpose of strengthening the capacity of health care sector in local Communities (LocComs) to effectively reduce HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other infections, Water/food-borne-diseases, and improve access to quality care and treatment for children, pregnant women, orphans and minorities.

Program Objectives:

  • To sensitize people in local communities on their exposure to diseases.

  • To promote personal hygiene in LocComs in Cameroon.

  • To educate them about the risk involve in overdose of social drugs.

  • To advocate family planning and restore hope in orphans and disable persons.

  • To strengthen access of people in LocComs to basic health care information and facilities.

  • To ensure that people in LocComs are aware of the effects of medications without prescriptions.

  • To build capacity of youths of LocComs on health care management of disease situation and epidemics.

  • To strengthen mechanisms to increase access to affordable drugs and commodities for malaria, HIV/AIDs and other related situations.

​Operational training programs:

  1. Adolescent girl child health and personal hygiene

  2. Good breastfeeding practices

  3. Advocacy of family planning

  4. HIV/AIDS and lifestyle

  5. Management of disease situations and epidemics

  6. First aid

  7. Counselling on: Exposure to diseases; Risk involve in overdose of social drugs; Basic health care information and Consequences of medication without prescription

  8. Mental health and Substance abuse and prevention