1 HOPE Africa Primary and Secondary Education Working Group (1 HOPE Africa P/S WG)


  • To raise awareness on the OHWB amongst P/S Teachers and promote its application in P/S Edu in Africa(SDGs 3 & 4, c.a. others).

  • Specifically;

    1. To survey P/S Teachers’ awareness/perception on OHWB & thereafter, create common P/S Teachers’ platforms for discussions centered on OHWB.

    2. To promote OHWB Edu in P/S at all (national, sub-regional and continental) levels in Africa e.g., through developing/designing OHWB Edu materials; likewise, more advanced and innovative ways of teaching and learning such materials

    3. To establish OHWB focused partnerships with potential OHWB-related bodies in/outside Africa

Progress made so far:

  • A network of volunteer organizations (including the IHAF, NLO, YEV etc) in Africa as 1HOPE ambassadors of goodwill to spread the good news of OHWB in P/S in Africa.

  • A common platform of over 45 Africans (from >9 African countries) discussing OHWB strategies towards raising awareness amongst P/S Teachers (and by ext. pupils/students).

  • Functional volunteer 1HOPE Afri-P/S WG Technical Secretariat; 2 sub-Regional Satellite Offices; & a # of National contact points (pending a moral 1HOPE Africa).

  • Designed an online OHWB survey for P/S Teachers, and which shall be proceeded by a OHWB workshop, Round Table Discussion and Launching.

  • Made initial unofficial inquiries and discussions with some ministries of P/S Edu in a few countries.

  • Sharing OH Lessons with P/S Teachers in collab with Dr D Thompson.

  • Contributed to the Lancet paper: Von Borries R, Guinto R, Thompson DJ, Abia WA, Lowe R. (2020). Planting sustainable seeds in young minds: need to teach planetary health.

One Health Commission

Wrapping up

  • Pandemics such as covid-19 was partly difficult for many in Africa to understand and believe its’ presence, perhaps because OH education is still underrepresented.

  • Introducing OH in young minds (P/S edu) (Von Borries et al 2020) may prepare a more informed future for a healthier Africa!

Your contributions to this course will be greatly appreciated.