Cross-cutting Programs

Program 5: Three months FREE of Charge Internship Training Course on Good Management and Leadership Practices (GMLP) [formerly Project Planning/Management and Leadership Internship (PMLIP)] covering all aspects of management, leadership and entrepreneurship

Program 6: Environmental waste management: Environmental waste management plans such as composing of market waste to reduce release of POPs during burning of these waste while avoiding hips of waste piles/stocks (or small hills formed as a result of continuous waste deposits) and which constitute mosquitoes, rats and other parasites breeding sites. Separation of environmental waste and composing, thus encouraging and promoting organic farming

Program 7: Job Creation: Self-reliant (Innovative Entrepreneurial training) in collaborations with the Institute for Management and Professional Training (IMPT).

Program 8: Social supports to orphans & minority groups

Some contributions of IHAF to the Cameroonian Community and beyond

IHAF adopts an integrated approach towards addressing issues of welfare for all. So far, IHAF has made the following achievements in Cameroon except otherwise stated. Click here for more...