Capacity building at IHAF is by a participatory approach through focus group discussions, adult schools, community gatherings, seminars, internships, street and short training courses. Education Services @ IHAF

Nutrition at IHAF is through proper management of available foodstuffs (helping local communities better use the foodstuffs they cultivate) with the purpose of contributing to improve on the nutritional status of the people of the local communities of Cameroon. Nutrition Services @ IHAF

Health care at IHAF is through personal hygiene, community sanitation, disease management and other health care related issues with the aim of strengthening the capacity of health care sector in local Communities (LocComs) to effectively reduce HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other infections, Water/food-borne-diseases, and improve access to quality care and treatment for children, pregnant women, orphans and minorities. Health care Services @ IHAF

There also are projects which cut across small scale agriculture and commerce, and health to which help alleviate poverty and improve living standards of local communities. Integrated projects @ IHAF


Division in charge of Training:

  • PPPMD & PPW (Proper Project Planning and Management for Development & Project Proposal Writing)

  • CDP (Community Development Programs)

  • EPHRAW (Environmental and Public Health Risk Assessment Workshops, RAW)

  • ICBP (Institutional Capacity Building Programs)

  • PMLIP (Project Management and Leadership Internship Program)

  • PEP (Peer Education Programs)

  • CNHEC (Community Nutrition and Health Education Campaigns)

  • EWMP (Environmental Waste Management Plans)

  • One Health Alliance

Division in charge of Community Healthcare: Prevention & Control (P&C):

  • CP (Conscientization Programs)

  • PCHP (Personal and Community Hygiene Programs)

  • WSP (Water and Sanitation Program)

  • NHSAP (Nutritional and Health Status Assessment Program)

Division in charge of Women’s Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights:

  • HIV/AIDS-IP/IEC (HIV/AIDS – Intervention Programs/IEC)

  • MNCH (Maternal, New born and Child Health) [in Partnership with WHO-PMNCH]

  • SEP-AG (Sex Education Program for Adolescent Girls amongst others)

  • iReHTI (integrated Reproductive & sexual Health rights and management Team of IHAF)

Division in charge of Research & Development (R&D):

  • SCRePD (Social and Community-based Researches and Projects for Development)

  • PMEP (Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Programs)

  • SSDP (Science, Society and Development Programs)

Division in charge of Social Support:

  • IHAF-NBSP-LP (IHAF Need-Based Scholarship Program for the Less Privilege)

  • HOPE-O (Hope & Brothers’ Keepership: Project for the Empowerment of Orphans)