Mr. Jato Denis Mbako represented IHAF & Received World Bank – IPDET Training, Carleton University, Canada, 2011

The Director of Scientific Affairs, Mr Jato Denis Mbako, represented The Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF), Cameroon at the prestigious International Course on Project Evaluation (PE), organized by The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET), at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, June 13 – July 08, 2011. The PE Course being an executive training program that aims at proving managers and practitioners the generic tools required to evaluate development policies, programs, and projects at the local, national, regional, and global levels, is a great source of inspiration and performance improvement especially in the domain of M&E (monitoring and evaluation) which is inevitable for success in any undertaking. The program which featured a two-week Core Course, followed by two weeks of 28 in-depth parallel workshops, taught by a dynamic group of renowned international faculty drawn from Southern and Northern organizations, undoubtedly provide Mr Jato Denis, then IHAF volunteers, and subsequently the entire civil society organizations and community-base organizations in Cameroon and beyond with necessary skills and knowledge for SMART PE strategies.

During the course, Mr. Jato Denis shared the IHAF experience and PE strategies with the faculty and participants and received a certificate of participation at the end.

The BODs and entire family of the IHAF remains grateful to the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank and Carleton University, for the intensive and unique training initiative offered each summer in Ottawa, Canada, but more for training one of us.

The IPDET-WB training will help improve on evaluation in our organization via formation of an evaluation team and will put IHAF in competition with other world class organizations with more partnerships and serious networking with other participating organizations likewise government and other civil society organizations.

Mr Agejo Patrick Ageh represented IHAF & Received EDI Trained, EDI, India, 2009

IHAF’s presence at the International Training on: “Governance and Management of NPOs/NGOs”, Entreprenuership Development Institute (EDI), Ahmedabad-Gujarat, India. July 6 - August. 14, 2009

Mr Agejo Patrick Ageh, SG / Director in charge of Communications of IHAF was nominated to represent the initiative at EDI “Governance and Management of NPOs/NGOs, India, following the approval of the nominee by the Indian Technical and Economic Affairs Ministry, Government of India. To that which we say thank you for finding us credible for the task.

During the six weeks stay, Patrick was filled with practical knowledge through learning by practicing in a participatory manner, which was very strategic and ideal for optimal understanding and performance. The quality and knowhow of the resource persons was one of the highest he was ever exposed to before. Furthermore, the rich course content which was very adaptive to all strata of participants - beginners, intermediate and professionals - facilitated the take home aspect of human endeavor: learning to serve others.

According to Mr Agejo, sharing with 27 participants from 18 countries from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, was a mixed bag of very rich cultural diversity, which to him was the cream of the trip. They represent in his mind the ‘United Nations of EDI’. We are convinced, many (if not all) delegates / represented organizations / governments remain grateful to the Government of India, through its Ministry of External Affairs, and EDI for this epoch visit.

Patrick cannot thank all enough. However, he wishes to sincerely thank Prof Santosh Kumar; Director of the programme, for providing participants with other academic tools for project management, monitoring and evaluation, logical framework approach and worthy of mention was his readiness to listen and share with participants as a mentor and friend or member of our network. In addition, Dr S. Tripathy, for his regular care and open door policy to receive participants even after working hours.

Very enlightening and enjoyable trip Patrick took, he sees the study and cultural tours to some NGOs and tourist attractions of India were like a deliberate attempt to make participants come back to India. Ever since Patrick returned, we have continue to maintain networking with some NGOs in India including: The Blind People Association, Sevar Mandi, SAATH, Jaipur Rugs Foundation, Gramin Vikas, Development Support Centre amongst others. The 7th Wonders Great Taj Mahal remains the most formidable structure Patrick ever saw. We appreciate, and for these, Patrick and IHAF says thank you.

We also wish to show our gratitude to the World Association of NGOs (WANGO) for the Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs offered IHAF as well approving our membership into WANGO.

IHAF hereby stand on her commitment to use the skills which you have impacted on our delegate in our services to ensure welfare for all in our communities.