Welcome to the “Integrated Health for All Foundation” – IHAF 

Our Slogan:  “…help people help them-selves”     “…….good health for all” 

This much wished-for “standard for welfare for all in local communities” in Cameroon was founded on February 22nd 2004 in Buea, Cameroon. Then, it was named “Foundation for Healthy Nutritional Practices”. For the next three years, the ground works of this initiative suffered from lack of qualified and devoted volunteers to drive the idea to achieve its aims. That notwithstanding, with a membership of 19 (12 passive and 7 active members), the active members visited six randomly selected local communities for fact-finding in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon. 

The aim of the visits was to investigate and ensure that there is absolute need for the establishment of such an integrated health-based organization despite proactive groups. Such a visit confirmed that there is unconditional need for not only nutrition-oriented but also education and health care based organization. Remarkably, such an organ obviously has to preach “virtue” and practice “virtue” not “vice” as communities deplore some existing non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
As a result, incessant efforts were made to sensitize young Cameroonian of substance to contribute to the welfare of those in our communities.

Thus in 2007, with 25 active members, the name was coined to “Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF), Cameroon”. Thereafter, a complete file was composed and submitted to the appropriate government structure, government of Cameroon, Yaounde, for authorization. This request was humbly granted on January 15, 2008 in Yaounde, Cameroon, with a receipt declaration number approving IHAF as an association. Read more here

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 Integrated Health for All Foundation (IHAF), IHAF Headquarters Secretariat,

P.O. Box 31717, Biyem-Assi, Yaounde, Republic of Cameroon, Africa

Fix (Landline): +237 3319 4916; Cell: +237 7712 2685 / +237 7926 4618/ +237 7721 8689

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